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Stuart Turner Apartment Pump Repair

Most modern apartments are fitted with water booster pumps to help boost the water pressure in the units. A good Stuart Turner or Monsoon pump should last you anywhere between 8 and 10 years with regular maintenance and/or service but if you find that your pump isn’t running correctly, we are here to help and offer Dublin’s number one Stuart Turner pump repair service.

Check out our repair page which has a list of the most common pump problems that we have encountered.

We have a wealth of experience in repairing a variety of Stuart Turner pump models as well as Mira and Triton models in the Dublin and surrounding areas and we can call to your apartment or that of your tenants at a time that is convenient for you.
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*2018 Special Monsoon Stuart Turner pump Replaced €750*
5 Year Manufacturers Warranty


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Who Are Dublin Pumps ?

The Company of Choice!

We are part of the Dublin based Infinity Electrical Group. Our professional technicians are RECI registered, fully insured and trained in all aspects of pump repairs. We offer very competitive set prices for pump repairs, installations, replacements and general maintenance servicing for pumps so you always know the cost of the job before we begin. We carry a fully stocked van including replacement parts for Stuart Turner pumps, PCB’s and all of the relevant diagnostic tools to repair your faulty water pump. We cater for all of the leading brands of pumps and showers, and aim to have the problem fixed on the first visit! If we cannot repair your pump, there will be no charge.

Our servicing can be undertaken on site or off site where we have fully equipped testing facilities.

Services we offer throughout Dublin and the surrounding areas include:

Pump and Shower:          (1) INSTALLATIONS   (2) SERVICE  (3) REPLACEMENT  (4) REPAIRS   (5) SHOWERS

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Why Do I Need a Pump?

Many of our Dublin homes have both a heating and hot water system that rely on gravity to push the water around your home, these are known as gravity fed systems. These systems should suffice in most homes but if you have several bath and/or shower installations or live in an apartment block then your quality of shower may be severely diminished by poor and irregular water pressure… that’s where we can help!

We can install and fit a shower pump for you to help improve your water pressure. Shower pumps push water around inside the device which in turn creates pressure which then forces the water out of your tap or shower head more powerfully.
This extra pressure provided by the shower pump can help to fill your bath more quickly and provide you with a more invigorating and powerful shower.

You can boost both your hot and your cold water supplies by installing a twin shower pump which will boost the supplies to the same level and give you more control over your shower.

Universal Pumps

These Universal pumps function in a positive or negative head condition and to start, will not need gravity flow and incorporating a pressure and flow switch. The pump will start up automatically as soon as a fall in pressure has been detected by the pressure switch and once the flow switch keeps the pump successfully running while there is an adequate flow of water. Once the water flow is turned off, the pump will then run for another 3 seconds, this will allow the system to re-pressurise. Stuart Turner Universal Pumps have both positive and negative head set ups

Standard Pumps

These standard pumps only function under a positive head condition. They activate by a flow switch and automatically start up when the flow of water is greater than 0.6-1.0 litres/min, the outlet is then detected. Once the outlet is closed, the pump will stop running and the flow of water will stop. The Stuart Standard pumps can only be used where there is a positive head condition.

Some Of The Brands We Use To Install & Replace Pumps