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Common Pump Problems

We repair and install Stuart Turner water pumps on a daily basis throughout Dublin and the surrounding areas in both domestic and commercial properties. Our highly skilled technicians can give you the best advice on how to use a water pump to boost the water flow and pressure in your home or commercial premises.


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Common Problems with Stuart Turner and Monsoon Pumps

There are a number of things that could cause this problem but before calling us out to help you resolve the issue, ensure that the water supply valves are switched on.

Our Dublin based technicians are fully trained, certified electricians and can tell immediately if your pump is humming or not turning correctly. In such situations, there is a high probability that the capacitor is broken, or it can mean that the pump is being jammed by something inside, this would stop the motor from rotating.

This may be an outcome of occasional use in a water zone that is hard for example where the closures or other parts that may move can become jammed or same could be due to a blockage caused by a collapsed hose.

We can repair your Stuart Turner pump on the spot. In our experience as trained electricians, the PCB and capacitor should always be changed at the same time, as if one has failed, then the other one is not far behind. While we are on site, we can also help with any other electrical or plumbing problems at a discount.

Before calling a member of our professional team, try running your shower with the shower head removed and the hose in the shower tray. If the pump still hums or pulses, then it is best to call one of our experienced technicians who will be happy to call to your home or business.

Did you know? You can help to reduce the noise of your pump by having anti-vibration feet fitted.

In our work across the Dublin area, we have seen a lot of pumps that have been in apartments and in our experience the over-all reason for this is the mechanical seal has failed. Mainly the leak will start off as a slight trickle, but it gets bigger very quickly. We would advise in getting your pump checked on a regular monthly basis. An immersion element that has failed, the water may then over heat to 65 degrees and this is the reason your pump seals will fail, and they are not covered under a warranty. While our technicians are there, ask them to check your immersion element as we can repair your damaged immersion element on the spot for you.

If you have a leak, switch off the isolating valves on both the suction and delivery sides of your pump and call us on 01-4458543 for advice and/or a repair or replacement.

Before calling one of our experienced technicians, check that the fuse is the correct size, also that it is working adequately and check that it is powered on. Check that the wiring is the same and the circuit breaker is set. If your pump still isn’t working correctly, switch it off and call us on 01-4458543 for advice and/or a repair or replacement.

Switch off the pump immediately and call us on 01-4458543 for advice and/or a repair or replacement.

Double check that there are no leaks that are noticeable in the system i.e. Pipe joints, tap washers, etc. If you do not see any sign of leakage you may need to close off both your cold and hot isolation valves on the opening side of the water pump. If the pump still does the cycle when both valves are closed, then you may have a fault with the valves that are non-return and they may even be leaking. One of our fully qualified electricians will be happy to call out to take care of the problem for you.

You should close both isolating valves on the outlet side of your pump and wait for the pump to stop running. Failing this, check to see if the reed switches on either end of the pump have become dislodged.

However, if the pump stops when both isolator valves have been closed, this may indicate that there is a tap or shower outlet being pumped that is open. Check your water system to see where the pump is pumping the water to.

Alternatively unclip each of the pumps reed switches, one at a time and wait for the pump to stop running. If the pump stops, this may indicate that the float has become lodged up inside and will need to be cleaned/repaired or replaced.

If you are unsure what to do, call one of our technicians today who will be happy to come and repair the fault for you.

Before calling us out to fix the problem, ensure that the pump has a flooded suction and the water supply valves are switched on. If this does not work, double check if your dry-run protection has kicked in and reset the pump if necessary. If your pump still has no water flow, give one of our engineers a call immediately.

If you find that you have no water coming from your pump, our technicians based in Dublin are fully qualified to find any fault or problem with you pump. This keeps our costs down lower for customers as only the damaged parts will need changing such as the capacitor, reed switch, and PCB.

Our team can repair 90% of our jobs within an hour and on your premises. All our vans are fully equipped. We always carry a spare pump in case the whole pump needs replacing.

The main reason for your Stuart Turner Monsoon shower pump has water coming from only the cold or hot is that your pump is broken and needs new non-return valves. There are two types of valves depending on what pump you have. These are called plastic non-return and brass non-return valves. The main reason for the valves to fail is lime-scale build up. Call our Dublin head office on 01-4458543 for a quality Stuart Turner repair.

Before calling us out unnecessarily, if your pump has dry run protection which may have kicked in, it may need to be reset. Turn the electricity off for 10 seconds and then turn it back on again. This procedure will retune the pumps control circuit putting it back to normal again. Now reopen and close off the taps, emptying the air system and this will allow the pump to turn off as normal. If your pump still has no water flow, give one of our engineers a call immediately.

If your pump is tripping the main fuse board in your home or commercial premises, you should contact one of our experienced electricians immediately who will call to your home, apartment or business premises to help you resolve the problem quickly and safely.