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Water Pump Repair & Replacement

2018 Special Monsoon Stuart Turner pump Replaced, 5 Years Manufacturers Warranty.



Stuart Turner water booster pumps are hardworking pumps which providea boosted water supply in your apartment/home 24 hours a day 7 days a week and understandable sometimes they may need a slight repair after a few years but there is no reason why you shouldn’t get the full eight to ten years out of your pump once you have had a good quality inspection and repair. Almost all Stuart Turner pumps are repairable no matter what the problem is and it is generally cheaper to have your Stuart Turner pump repaired rather than purchasing a brand new one.

In general, people are usually unaware that most Stuart Turner water pumps are capable of repair depending on the severity of the problem. Either way, for a repair, full replacement or new installation, one of our very experienced technicians can be on hand very quickly in the Dublin area to inspect the problem for you.

If you need any advice on which water pump installation would suit you best or you need help with a repair, then please call our help desk on 0831625009 or 01-4458543

Same Day Repairs

Whether your water pump is seized up, your motor has burned out, mechanical seals need replacing or your PCB board has blown our team can fix these for you on the spot in one day at very competitive rates.

Landlords/rented premises

We offer emergency call out services to help your tenants out when in need of pump repair or replacement. We always carry a fully stocked van for your convenience. Call one of our experienced team to make an appointment today.

 Stuart Turner Pump Repairs

We repair and install Stuart Turner water pumps on a daily basis throughout Dublin and the surrounding areas in both domestic and commercial properties.

Our highly skilled technicians can give you the best advice on how to use a water pump to boost the water flow and pressure in your home or commercial premises.

Pump Repair and Replacement services in Dublin and the Surrounding Areas

We are Dublin’s number one Stuart Turner pump repair, service, installation and replacement provider.

We can source, supply and install the most common spare parts for Stuart Turner pump repairs as well as most other popular pump brand parts and we carry a fully stocked van at all times so we can carry out your pump repair as a same day service.

Common problems with Stuart Turner and Monsoon Pumps 

  1. Pump is running but no water is being pumped
  2. Pump is humming, buzzing or clicking
  3. Pump is leaking
  4. The pump has lost power completely or no power going to the motor – won’t start
  5. Smell of burning coming from the pump/pump is hot to touch
  6. Pump is cutting out intermittently or turning on and off independently
  7. Pump is running nonstop – SWITCH IT OFF IMMEDIATELY
  8. No water coming from the pump
  9. Only hot or cold water coming from the pump
  10. My ‘run-dry protection’ has cut in, how do I restart my pump?
  11. Pump trips the main fuse board when it is turned on


Stuart Turner Water Pumps & Mira & Triton Showers Repair and Replacement Service Dublin

Pump Repair and Replacement

If you have lost the water supply coming from your pump, let our Dublin based technicians, who are fully trained and qualified to fault find, get to the bottom of exactly what the problem is.

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Leaking Pump

The general cause of a leaking pump is usually failure of a mechanical seal. We see a lot of this in apartments. It usually starts off as a small dripping leak.

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Humming Pump

Our fully trained engineers will know on quick inspection if your pump is humming or not turning properly. In such situations, there is a high probability that the capacitor is broken.

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No Water Coming from the Pump

If there is no water coming from your pump, our qualified technicians who are Dublin based will find exactly where your pump fault is.

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Only Hot Or Cold Water

If you find that your Stuart Turner Monsoon shower pump has only water coming from the cold or hot tap, then give us a call to our Dublin based office via the following number 01 4458543.

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Pumps Over 10 Years Old

Most pumps such as the Stuart Turner brass body should typically last 5-10 years depending on usage. The predicted peak usage date will usually be stamped onto the plastic part of your pump.

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